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Stimulating discussions with stakeholders in Kenya last week

On 8-9 February 2018 the B3Africa project held a stakeholder meeting to discuss how to best continue the development of the eB3Kit and strengthen the research capacity of low-and middle-income countries. More information and pictures here.


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B3Africa 2018 Best Wishes and Latest News

The first 2018 issue of the B3Africa newsletter is available here.
In this issue:

  • Our Best Wishes for 2018!
  • B3Africa 2nd In-Person Training and Dissemination Workshop (Nov. 2017)
  • LIMS and Data Analysis Workshop in Sierra Leone (July 2017)
  • B3Africa Project Showcased Around the World
  • Upcoming Events
  • 2017 Publications
  • Announcements
  • Contact Information


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