Advisory Committee

The B3Africa project benefits from guidance and advices from its Advisory Committee, which includes external experts from each of the three main areas of the project: biobanking, biomedical research and bioinformatics.


My role in and my contribution to B3Africa is to use my experiences in building biobank infrastructure including IT-systems such as LIMS to support the activities. I started the group in Stockholm that provides LIMS to research groups for their different needs. Later I built Uppsala Biobank from the start with different kinds of support to researcher. Uppsala Biobank is today a complete biobank infrastructure including a competence center around ELSI and biobanking as well as services with LIMS, sample collection, storage, withdrawals, sample management etc.




I am a Principal Investigator in the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford and Bioinformatics Group Leader at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya where I established a Bioinformatics and Genomics platform to support the application of bioinformatics and genomics in research projects at the programme. I am currently also a board member of EMBNet.

My role in the B3Africa project is member of the B3Africa Advisory Committee where I provide insight and advice into establishing state of the art research platforms in Africa.



Dr Taussig has considerable experience of managing large scale European networking and research projects having been management coordinator of the MolTools consortium (FP6), coordinator of the ProteomeBinders Research Infrastructure Coordination Action (FP6).