B3Africa 2018 Best Wishes and Latest News

The first 2018 issue of the B3Africa newsletter is available here.
In this issue:

  • Our Best Wishes for 2018!
  • B3Africa 2nd In-Person Training and Dissemination Workshop (Nov. 2017)
  • LIMS and Data Analysis Workshop in Sierra Leone (July 2017)
  • B3Africa Project Showcased Around the World
  • Upcoming Events
  • 2017 Publications
  • Announcements
  • Contact Information


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B3Africa Newsletter No. 5/2017

Don’t miss the new issue of the B3Africa newsletter!

Read the latest news from developers and pilot users, learn more about some of the software and tools that are integrated in the eB3Kit (Baobab LIMS, STATegra Experiment Management System, Galaksio bioinformatics interface) and get an overview of the eight institutions participating in the use case work package.

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